Žanjice, Blue Cave, Mamula Island

In addition to cruising Boka, we also organize trips outside the bay, where you can enjoy the open, clean and turquoise sea. On that occasion, you can visit Žanjice beach, the Blue Cave and the island of Mamula.

Žanjice beach is known for its clear and transparent water, and is surrounded by beautiful nature, so you can enjoy the peace throughout the day. On the beach you have everything you need for a carefree stay, and in the nearby restaurant visitors can try great local fish specialties.

About 6 nautical miles from Herceg Novi, on the Lustica peninsula, is perhaps the most beautiful natural phenomenon on the Montenegrin coast, and some classify it as a natural jewel of the Mediterranean, the Blue Cave. This natural hall, with a vault at 9 meters above sea level, is a unique stage of natural wonders, which will leave every visitor breathless.

Mamula is a small island at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. There is a fortress on the island, which was built in the middle of the 19th century by the Austro-Hungarian general Lazar Mamula. During both world wars, it served as an infamous prison known for its cruelty, and today it is an unavoidable tourist attraction.

You can visit these destinations with us every day from Igalo and Herceg Novi, where boats depart every half hour.

Tour details





Our regular tours start in the pre-season – in MAY and JUNE, we drive three times a week, and in JULY, AUGUST, and until SEPTEMBER 15th, we drive every day. During the rest of the year, we operate on-call, with boats functioning throughout the entire year.


Igalo (La Bamba beach): 09:00h
Herceg Novi: 09:10h

Igalo (La Bamba beach): 09:30h
Herceg Novi: 09:40h

Igalo (La Bamba beach): 10:00h
Herceg Novi: 10:10h

Igalo (La Bamba beach): 11:00h
Herceg Novi: 11:10h

Igalo (La Bamba beach): 12:00h
Herceg Novi: 12:10h

Igalo (La Bamba beach): 09:00h
Herceg Novi: 09:10h

Igalo (La Bamba beach): 15:00h
Herceg Novi: 15:10h


Igalo (La Bamba beach): 17:30h
Herceg Novi: 18:40h